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September 13, 2000

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aegean TOUR TRAVEL is a British - Turkish travel agency based in the Turkish coastal resort of Bodrum providing travel information and tourism services anywhere in Turkey. This Website is a one stop travel resource for information and practical advice for independent travelers, sports enthusiasts and specialist interest groups wishing to visit Turkey.

For those who have already booked a vacation to Turkey whether independently or with an organized tour operator, aegean offers the opportunity to pre-book local tours, airport welcome and transfers, excursions, car hire and sporting packages including training programs.

By booking in advance with a local travel partner, there is an opportunity to compare availability, prices and facilities. Excursion providers, tour operators, hotels and sporting facilities are vetted to ensure that they are fully insured and have a system of operation which ensures a high standard of service and safety.

For independent travelers there is a free customized tour service which can  tailor design a vacation to meet specific requirements. 

Whatever your final travel arrangements, whether just a simple car rental or a fully organized tour, aegean has a 24 hour security help line for advice and assistance during your whole vacation, wherever you are in Turkey 

Member of the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies

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